If you want to personally develop, create positive change in the way you think or feel, stretch and challenge yourself, transform your performance, increase your confidence and motivation or excite and engage your organisation you are in the right place.

Cloud Ten Coaching is different, we have formed so that we can make a difference and that is exactly what we do for you.

We are founded on a love of people, we love what we do and work creatively, compassionately and whole heartedly in supporting you in achieving your aspirations.

It can be frustrating when people have things holding them back which stop them dreaming, thinking, being and believing in what can be achieved. There is a magic moment for everyone which feels amazing when you recognise your value and feel fantastic about your contribution and performance.

When you make the decision and choose Cloud Ten Coaching you choose excellence. You make the decision that the time is right now to experience and make positive changes and start out to achieve what you want.

In a nutshell:

We listen, we talk, we inspire and we care. Our work makes our clients happy and this makes us happy too.

The official definition:

We’re a bespoke coaching company that’s especially good at personal, professional and business coaching.

We love coffee and meeting new people, get in touch we can have a brew and talk
about how Cloud Ten Coaching would work for you.

We stay true to our principles and have firm foundations of a results focused culture
which smiles every day.