At the heart of Cloud Ten is the ambition to have everyone no matter what they do ‘’loving what they do’’ confident and engaged in their careers, that’s why we do the work we do.

We are ‘Human Potential Trainers’ our role in your organisation is to bring out the potential and raise the performance of everyone we work with.

We run a ‘RIPPLE’ effect Breakthrough Success programme in organisations which has a phenomenal initial impact and then the ‘RIPPLE’ effect continues long after we do.

In Business we offer:

  • 1/2 day seminars
  • 1 day seminars
  • 6 month transformation coaching programmes
  •  ‘RIPPLE’ effect Breakthrough programmes
  • Motivational Speaking

We work with Success Principles which develop:







Strong Leaders

Creative Thinkers

Great Communicators

All our programmes are bespoke, however for a guide of prices.

1/2 day seminars £1200

1 day seminars £2500

We can also add FIREWALKING; GLASSWALKING ;BOARD BREAKING; ARROW SNAPPING to our programmes and events as a phenomenal metaphor for what everyone can achieve with focus.