Lou – Feb 13

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Amanda has become something much better than my conscience sat on my shoulder.  At home and at work my thought process and outlook on challenges is constantly considered – is this the right way to get the best results; how does how I do things impact others; how do I get the most out of other people….

Over two days of coaching Amanda has completely changed my approach to frustrations and challenges and provided me with a hugely positive outlook to my working life and my home life.

The various tasks and exercises I did during the 2 days enabled me to review my direction; understand what I was feeling and why; gave me clarity on what I wanted from life and provided me with tools and the approach to achieve what I want.  I went back to home and work feeling hugely relaxed with nothing weighing me down and people commented on how relaxed and happy I seemed (and I was!).

I have taken some of Amanda’s approaches at home and seen amazing results for the whole family, just talking about positives for the day has helped refocus on the good things in life.  It sounds simple but when life is busy and things don’t seem great it’s not always easy to concentrate on the positives – Amanda provides the right perspective and helps make it happen until very quickly it becomes the norm.

In addition to Amanda ‘being on my shoulder’, the ease with which I am able to discuss issues and feelings, bounce ideas off and also get some amazing insight and considerations from Amanda has very quickly had an amazing impact on my job satisfaction and my happiness at home.

I have no hesitation in saying that Amanda has genuinely changed my approach to life – a unique and brilliant experience that will help shape my future happiness and have an impact on what I get out of life. And this is only the beginning.

Maybe I should have just said ‘Wow’ and ‘Thank You’.