Jenny, South Manchester, July 2012

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I’d like to thank Amanda for taking me with sensitivity and humour through my first experience of NLP timeline therapy.

At a time when I was effectively going round in circles over the same issues and repeating the same behaviors that had me in a such a rut I could no longer move forward.

Because NLP is based around how our brain works it felt like a therapy that had a basis in logic rather than more traditional emotion based therapies.

Over the time we worked together there were lots of light bulb moments and lots of pennies dropping over things I have being doing and behaviors that have become ingrained in me but actually don’t help me achieve what I want.

Some things seemed so obvious they had me laughing out loud at how my brain and my thinking had been hood winking me all this time.

It was a relief to let go and realize that by viewing things differently I was in control of things that I’d previously believed I wasn’t in control of .Which had led to a feeling of hopelessness and in my case depression.

I am so glad I took the decision to go for the full timeline therapy over two days. Don’t be fooled by the relaxed atmosphere!

Amanda doesn’t let anything slip by her, something I said whilst we were chatting in a tea break turned out to be the key to the final block on day two. The ongoing support after the sessions was invaluable and I still practice some of the exercises. I have tried various therapies but this is by far the best money I have ever invested in myself.

I can only apologize that I have taken so long to write this thank you …….I have been too busy living my life x