If you have arrived here Congratulations you could be at the start of a new life experience and fresh start.

You may be ready for something to change for you or wanting to feel differently about life. Maybe wondering if it is coaching you need or perhaps even just wanting to learn more about yourself and how you operate in life.

Brilliant: Being curious is the first step to changing anything.

Clearly we may be biased but honestly investing in yourself and experiencing life changing coaching is the difference that will make the difference for you.

Here at Cloud Ten we have all personally experienced what coaching can do for you. It was our own amazing experience and the phenomenal results we had which inspired us to want to work with other people so you can experience it too.

The transformation in every part of your life is phenomenal. It’s like a domino effect, once you get one thing sorted; every area of your life simply falls in to place.

There is a magic moment when you realise that you have slotted all the pieces into place and actually life is pretty good, and you have made it happen for you.

We know the value and power of coaching and how enlightening and fun it can be. We have coaches ourselves because we too want to achieve results. Not ‘try’ to get, but actually get results.

Our view  ( we may be biased) is that everyone should have a coach. Coaching shouldn’t just be for those deemed as the elite or at the top of their game to receive the benefit. We are all worth it and we can all enjoy and experience our own success in life.

For some people it may be specific goals and for others it may be simply feeling more comfortable or confident.

In the Wizard of Oz the lion said if I only had courage, the tinman wanted a heart, the scarecrow a brain. There can be parts to all of us which seem to be missing sometimes. Cloud Ten Coaching enables you to realise what you have inside. What would you wish for if you were starting your journey to the Emerald City?

Enough of our thoughts on coaching clearly  we are very passionate about it , with good reason.

What can Personal Cloud Ten Coaching do for you?

I guess the question is what are you hoping for, if the magic wand came out what is the difference that would make the difference for you?

  • Find your confidence
  • Feel like your brilliant self again
  • Feel invigorated, excited and inspired
  • Think positively and happy about the future
  • Feel comfortable and confident in your own skin
  • Look at life through a different lense
  • Enjoy life and enjoy all the people around you
  • Refresh relationships , love and laugh
  • Respect and love yourself
  • Turn off the negative thoughts flapping around inside you
  • Feel the fear and do it anyway
  • Create some plans for the future ( and feel confident they will happen)

Some of these might be you, or only one or two , CloudTen Coaching is unique to everyone. All we guarantee you is that even if you only identify with one of the above, we will deliver against them all, so you get more, more, more. We promise that together we will achieve life changing and hugely positive results in every area of your life.

We believe that

Experiencing Coaching = (Re) Experiencing Life

Make a commitment to yourself right now, we wholeheartedly commit to you, let’s make things happen for you.

It all starts with a coffee ( or tea ) on us. We will meet you and chat about your hopes and dreams for coaching. You then decide the time is right for you.

We have a variety of great value packages available to help you achieve what you want; there is no one size fits all when it comes to CloudTen Coaching.