REVIVE & THRIVE 1st to 4th August

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New this year our Revive and Thrive 4 day programme, we’ve teamed up with Laughing Buddha Yoga and Wellbeing to bring you this fantastic retreat with a difference.

REVIVE & THRIVE is a retreat with a difference

An event for anyone who wants the rest of their life to be the BEST of their life.

If you would like to get some clarity and create more fun and enjoyment in your life this is right for you. Or if you have been thinking something need’s to change for you to make a change and your ready to take the first step this is perfect for you. If your ready to take life in your hands, join us.

The event has been designed to enable you to get clear on ‘Why you are here’  and to help identify and  ‘Discover your Life Purpose’ and passions. You will easily be able to ‘Make decisions on what you want’ and have the confidence to take the first step towards getting it. Breakthrough Success is not simply a feel-good event.
We immerse you in a complete participatory experience in which you’ll actually see and feel things become clear for you.
You’ll participate in unique special exercises which will help you make major shifts inside and out to enable life to change for you as you want it to.
The programme is experiential meaning that we don’t just share the theory on how to create change, you can read a book to do that.We take you step by step through experiences and exercises to practice what you need to know.
The final evening you’ll be invited to a ‘Celebration’ which also incorporates a unique ‘Come as You’ll be in Five Years’ Party. Our intention for this event is for you to enjoy, learn, develop and feel confident and clear on what you want next.

Our events are fun,light hearted and most important game changing. Experiencing this programme with other like minded people creates extraordinary results.
We do hope you will be one of our very special guests.

Here is a sample of what you can expect:

  • Get clear on your life purpose, and passion
  • How to take 100% responsibility for your life
  • Learn the power of goal setting
  • Release the past to achieve your future goals
  • Gain laser focus on achieving what you want
  • Learn the mind set of complete belief
  • Learn the power of visualisation
  • Learn deep visualisation and meditation techniques
  • Achieve a mind set of success
  • Experiential exercises to move you forward fast
  • Make ‘big changes’ in your life habits
  • Grow physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually
  • Meet life long friends to support you with your goals
  • Daily techniques to boost your energy and vitality
  • Create greater health,wealth, happiness & success
  • Learn how to constantly feel vibrant, positive & healthy
  • Restore your health & improve your life
  • The right exercise & food for vitality in the real world
  • Have a plan to achieve all you set out too
  • Practice yoga daily for mind, body and soul
  • Attend a ‘Come as you will be Party’

Breakthrough Success
‘Revive and Thrive’
will be held in the stunning Cheshire countryside
1st – 4th August 2014

Cloud Ten Coaching has teamed up withLaughing Buddha Yoga and Wellbeing tobring this phenomenal programme to you.

Amanda is an experienced Human Potential Trainer and Master Coach and will lead you creatively through the transformational daytime programme and experiential exercises.
Judie is a highly sought after and experienced yoga trainer and an Energy 4 Life Coach, Judie will guide you through morning yoga routines and energy movement to take home and integrate into your daily success plan.

The Breakthrough Success four day programme is £589+VAT
What’s included?

  • A deep understanding of Success Principles for Life
  • Personal transformation
  • Daily yoga 
  • Movement to create Energy
  • Healthy & Nutritious snacks and drinks
  • Lunch each day
  • Dinner and celebratory drinks at the gala dinner
  • Come as you are Party 
  • Diet and Nutrition advice
  • Meditation
  • Workbooks and materials to take away
  • A ‘Breakthrough’ Experience to share with your friends
  • A new set of supporters on your journey to success
  • A discounted rate at the hotel for accommodation and dinner

Please note: How you will feel after this programme is better than a holiday! The difference is the feeling and transformation lasts forever it doesn’t disappear as quick as the tan. However, please be aware the programme has been designed for you to gain maximum results and value and will run to a full day schedule each day.

We are very excited about Breakthrough Success and hope you can join us.

We are limiting our numbers for this event to ensure you have the very best of experiences, so please register as soon as possible.

Our first ten guests to register will benefit from a 15% discount, making the programme only £500+VAT. Hurry as this is quite literally for the first ten of you who join quickly.If you have any questions or for enquiries contact details are below, we look forward to speaking to you.That just leaves us to say bring on Breakthrough Success we are looking forward to Welcoming you.

Amanda & Judie

Amanda 07717 573625